IP Ambassador Programme

The Intellectual Property Department of the Government of the HKSAR (the IPD), with the School of Law of City University of Hong Kong (the CityU), the Faculty of Law of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (the CUHK) and the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong (the HKU), has organised the IP Ambassador Programme (“the Programme”) since 2016.

The Programme aims at inviting interested law school students to be IP Ambassador. Participating students will undergo a training course arranged by IPD and they are invited to participate in the IP related activities such as school visit programmes, conferences, lectures, seminars, exchange programmes and networking with IP practitioners.

The Chinese version of the short video series were produced by Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong and supported by Intellectual Property Department IP Ambassador Programme. Six IP Ambassadors participated in the production and the videos were released in March 2021.

Please visit the following link for the series of videos.

IP Ambassador Programme 2023-2024