Deficiencies and irregularities of trade mark applications may adversely affect the applications (e.g. their filing dates) and delay our examination of the applications. Hence, it is in the interests of applicants and their agents to ensure the information provided in support of the trade mark applications duly complies with the statutory requirements under the Trade Marks Ordinance, Cap 559 (TMO) and Trade Marks Rules, Cap 559A (TMR).

With a view to helping applicants and agents to avoid deficiencies and/or irregularities in trade mark applications, we set out below a list of common deficiencies and irregularities of trade mark applications, the relevant filing requirements or issues required to be addressed and our suggestions for reference.

Please however note that the deficiencies and irregularities identified below are not meant to be exhaustive. Applicants and agents are advised to exercise their due diligence before filing their trade mark applications.

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