(arranged in reverse chronological order of changes made)

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Date of change Changes
9 May 2019

The chapter on “Series of trade marks” has been revised to provide further guidance on the conditions that must be met for marks to be considered as a series of trade marks and to add example of cartoon character marks which form a series and example of those which do not form a series.

22 February 2019

The chapter on “Assignments of registered trade marks and applications” has been revised to provide more guidance on “unincorporated associations”.

The chapter on “Consent, honest concurrent use and other special circumstances" has been revised to update the Registry’s practice on examining applications on consent.

14 February 2019

The chapters on “Amendment of applications”, “Applications for extension of time (other than under rules 13(3) and 13(6))”, “Certification and collective marks”, “Colour marks”, “Defensive trade marks”, “Deficiencies checking”, “Division of applications”, “Movement marks and holograms”, “Search”, “Shape marks” and “Sound marks” have been revised to reflect the changes due to the adoption of the new trade marks forms with effect from 14 February 2019 and the launch of the IPD's new Online Search System and new E-filing System.

4 January 2019

The chapters on “Agents” and “Address for service and change of name, address or address for service” have been revised to clarify the Registry’s practice in dealing with agents who have neither residence nor a place of business in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.