(arranged in reverse chronological order of changes made)

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Date of change Changes
25 August 2023

The chapter on “Classification” has been revised to:
(a) update the Registry’s practice of classifying downloadable goods, virtual goods and services, metaverse, and non-fungible tokens [NFTs]; and
(b) make various miscellaneous textual revisions.

The chapters on “Movement marks and holograms” and “Sound marks” have been revised to tidy up the wording on applicant’s submission of video clip of a movement mark or specimen of a hologram, and sound recording respectively.

1 January 2023

The chapters on “Classification” and “Cross search list” have been revised due to the adoption of the 2023 version of the twelfth edition of the Nice Classification with effect from 1 January 2023.

For the chapter on “Classification”, the revision also includes:
(a) updating the references to the websites of the classification databases of some other trade mark offices; and
(b) various miscellaneous textual revisions.

The chapter on “Renewal and restoration” has been revised to update the content of the renewal reminder.