It is in your interest to provide proper classification and clear description of goods and/or services in the form you submit to the Registry. For instance, the Registry will not be able to process a Form T1 if the description of goods or services provided in the form is unclear. In respect of a Form T2, unclear description of goods or services provided in the form constitutes a deficiency in the application and the Registry will send you a notice requesting you to remedy the deficiency within two months after the date of that notice, failing which the part of the application relating to those unclear items of goods or services will be treated as abandoned.

In this connection, the Registry has prepared the following lists in respect of the commonly used descriptions of goods and services and their class numbers to facilitate your completion of the Form T1 / T2. If any of your goods or services to be specified in your Form T1 / T2 are those set out in the following lists, you may include the relevant descriptions in the Form T1 / T2 you submit.

Goods and services

Goods classes:
Services classes:

Class 3

  • air fragrancing preparations
  • beauty masks
  • bleaching preparations
  • body lotion
  • cleaning preparations
  • cosmetics
  • cotton for cosmetic purposes
  • deodorants
  • essential oils
  • fabric softener
  • facial cleansers
  • false eyelash
  • hair care preparations
  • hair conditioners
  • hair dyeing preparations
  • hair mousse/spray/gel
  • hand cream
  • laundry powder/ laundry liquids
  • make-up removers
  • mouthwashes
  • nail care preparations
  • nail polish
  • perfumes
  • pet shampoo
  • shampoos
  • skin care preparations
  • skin whitening preparations
  • soaps
  • toothpaste
  • wipes incorporating cleaning preparations

For the avoidance of doubt, if the descriptions of goods and/or services you wish to include in Form T1 / T2 are not set out in the above lists, please specify such goods or services in the form you submit.

Please however note that if the applicant includes a large variety of goods or services in an application, the Registry may invite the applicant to justify his/her intention to use the mark sought to be registered in respect of such specification. In addition, if a mark accepted for registration is not used in respect of the goods or services covered by the registration concerned, the whole or part of the specification in the trade mark registration may be liable to be revoked on the ground of non-use.